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Unconscious Attention® is the breakthrough. Therefore, I maintain that achieving greater Mind Power is no longer a question of chance but of science. On the seminar I provide you with clear, progressive steps which I help you to take. Frankly, you could waste a lifetime and never find them on your own. And of course you have to be willing and able to take the steps. In particular, you must be completely willing to let the Power break through. A decision only you can make. I personally like to view this in a fun way, so I say to people, ‘Here is your choice. You can continue living life as you are or as a Superyou of greater Mind Power. You might even choose to become your own Superhero/ine’. In fact, this is the actualisation of the Further You.

The Seminars take place over 10 days
and are held in some of the most beautiful locations in the world.

In the logo the circle represents the world and the 2 ways of using your mind.
The resulting paths take you to very different futures. The left path is the usual way of using your mind. The right path is the totally new way.

Upcoming Seminars

Due to Covid 19 restrictions in place globally, the date and location of the next EDUCO® Seminar is not yet confirmed. Please sign up to our mailing list to be updated when the next Seminar details are confirmed.