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EDUCO® – Discover The Further You

You already have this Power.

Therefore you need to know its nature, content, possibilities and potential. You need to know what this Power can do for you. Above all, you need to know how you can avail of it.

Human Potential Research Breakthroughs

I believe this information could well be the most important you will ever consider. Information that gives you something you never had before — a new choice.

As a young boy I became totally convinced that we could change everything for the better if only we had greater minds. I remember having my list of great minds, ranging from the leaders, to the geniuses, to the enlightened. Yet I was disappointed because just like today, judging by the world, none of them had made enough of a difference. Then I came to the conclusion that this was unfair and that we all needed to ‘have greater minds’. But how? Even education has failed to make the difference. Then I read about the unconscious mind.

The Path of Power

Freud was among the first to point out that we have both a conscious and unconscious mind. It is said he maintained that the conscious mind consisted of one seventh and the unconscious mind made up the rest.* The point here is not to argue percentages but to understand that in the main we only use our conscious minds. Clearly this is far below our innate mental potential. I began to wonder what would happen if we could avail of the more. That is, achieve a greater percentage of consciousness. (Education does not allow for this possibility.) Could we make a quantum leap in our mental evolution? I began to see it as a vast unknown mental territory that had yet to be pioneered. Surely this was the ultimate quest? The game was on. Eventually, I was to find the path to the Power that makes this possible.

  • If I only told you what you already know there would be no point in reading on. This is about what you have yet to know.
As your guide, I will soon be taking you ever deeper into new and totally unfamiliar mental territory. We will take a path which leads to a Power. So how do you judge the value of a path that is so unfamiliar and even outside your understanding? Surely by the results of the people who have taken it. Ultimately, the only true guideposts are results.