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The Advanced Seminar Breakthroughs

Come along to one of our guest events to see real live demonstrations of this.

This is where people can call on the power within and it responds instantly and effortlessly to do its work for them. Those who are willing to go on to achieve the advanced level of Unconscious Attention® will make this truly life- changing discovery – the power within comes from their authentic Self. The legendary lost Real Self that people have always talked of finding. This is the Further You. Now as a Holistic Person you can know, experience and decide to express your own Power and your True Nature. A nature untouched by anything bad. By using Unconscious Attention® you can, literally at will, go from you to this Superyou.

Of course, this is not most people’s experience of life. Yet I have worked with people who have achieved such high levels of Unconscious Attention® as to allow them to call on their True Nature to experience any of what you have just read, at will. The responses are instant and effortless. Even to the extent that it overflows from them and can be experienced by others in the room.

People do so many things to try to achieve happiness. Those with high Unconscious Attention® can achieve happiness at will, often to the point of bliss.

Examples of True Nature demonstrations

  1. People do all types of physical training and diets to try to increase their energy and wellbeing. While those with high Unconscious Attention® can fill their body with Life Energy at will. Even to such an extent that some others in the same room also get Energy from them. (See Dr. Bob Delmonteque article in results section of the website)
  2. Equally, people do so many things to try to achieve happiness. Those with high Unconscious Attention® can call up happiness at will, often to the point of bliss.
  3. People continually try to achieve love. Those of high Unconscious Attention® can experience it at will, often to the point of overflowing and going out to others.
  4. People practise meditation to try to relax, find peace, contact the Infinite, achieve enlightenment (into the light), etc. Again, those of high Unconscious Attention® can do this at will.
  5. People feel alone, incomplete, and many struggle with issues. High Unconscious Attention® people can experience unity and completeness at will.
  6. Those who consider themselves spiritual want to walk a spiritual path. This is now readily possible when you can access your True Nature and express it at will (referred to as enlightenment by Buddha).
  7. More people in these times seek help for mental issues. Unconscious Attention® allows a level of higher mental health almost unknown today.
  8. So many want to be high achievers and go all out for success. Yet even when they succeed there still seems to be something missing. Consider that knowing and living from your Real Self, as in becoming holistic, could be the ultimate achievement.

This gives you an indication of just some of the benefits of the advanced levels of Unconscious Attention®. Almost all of what people are trying so hard to achieve is already within them. That is why the Model is called Educo®, meaning to draw out.

Your True Nature

Your True Nature can be described as Power which consists of light, Life Energy, intelligence, happiness, even bliss, love, unity, oneness, goodness, perfection; with its own consciousness and purpose, which is to express itself through us and so make all of the above our human experience. So that you can be so filled with Power that it

Surely this is what you want?