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Tony Quinn and his Work

Tony Quinn – Originator of The Educo® Model


Throughout time, the teachers teach, the preachers preach, the leaders lead and the gurus guide, but how much have people and the world actually changed? My understanding is that the way is for people to avail of their Greater Mind Power. Ultimately, I have found that the Power itself must be allowed to do the work directly. To make this possible the student must first be helped to achieve Unconscious Attention®. Then the educator and the student can join their Power.
I consider this a new approach to education, relationship and achieving Human Potential, where there is a download, so to speak, not of knowledge but of Power. In this approach the student initially directly benefits from the level of Power the educator has attained. Then, in turn, the students can benefit from each other’s new level of Power simply by holding hands.

The new educator does not just talk about change, but causes it. The main thrust of the new education must be to directly empower people.


The pursuit of Unconscious Attention® and Greater Mind Power involved conducting my own original research with a university and with Human Potential Research Ltd. and obtaining numerous qualifications, both English and American. These include

  • a Master of Science Degree (University of East London) majoring in Psychotherapy, Unconscious Attention®, Modelling (Designing Models) and Programming.

  • A Doctorate in Clinical Hypnotherapy (State Approved, California, USA). The major emphasis was on Unconscious Attention® and availing of Greater Mind Power.
“MIND TRAINER​” for professional boxer Steve Collins


  • The educator’s level of Power. 
  • The student’s level of Unconscious Attention®.
  • Ever-increasing Power through Unity.


My ultimate purpose and consequently that of Educo® is to help people use Unconscious Attention® to harness greater Mind Power for the benefit of humanity.

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