Tony Quinn Seminar: Josh Stewart – XJet

Josh Stewart, Founder and President of XJet

From Bush Pilot with No Previous Business Experience to a Private Aviation Company and Director in Two Oil Companies!

Josh Stewart, Founder and President of XJet LLC (XJet), comes from Belfast in Northern Ireland. He spent eight years in Africa as a bush pilot. Josh went on a Tony Quinn seminar and while there came up with the idea of a private aviation company. With encouragement and guidance from Tony he formed XJet LLC in 2004 in Denver, USA. Josh’s vision attracted others who also attended the Educo Formative Learning® Seminars, and soon they were a fully committed team.

Best of the Best
After successfully raising $33.4 million, they built their award-winning flagship facility in Denver, Colorado. They were fully subscribed with members and 15 jets, a luxurious clubhouse for their members, auto spa for the aircraft and vehicles, outstanding hangarage for the jets and high-end office and retail space.

Leading lifestyle publication, Robb Report, named them the BEST OF THE BEST in 2007. Then they were awarded the American Institute of Architects (AIA) award for the finest designers within the US and the prestigious ADDY Gold Medal for corporate branding.

XJet’s next move was to create a global footprint, securing land to build the XJet Aviation Campus in Abu Dhabi (the region’s only dedicated business airport) and Paris (Europe’s busiest private airport).

At an event Tony mentioned to the large crowd present that XJet would become a ‘billion dollar company’. Internationally recognized public company (FTI) was hired to work on an independent valuation of XJet. They announced that upon completion of the existing projects in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Dallas and Paris, XJet would have a value of $971 million.

Oil Man
Josh became a member of the Board of Directors of Belize Natural Energy Ltd. (BNE) and International Natural Energy (INE) and is now helping a whole country reach its potential. ‘I remember clearly the turning point in my life’, Josh says. ‘It was the moment I imprinted my clear, invincible vision of my outcome on my mind’. In 2011 XJet was rated 3rd out of the 5000 Private Aviation Companies in the Americas.