What does ‘to Educo The Thinker’ mean?

When you read through the studies you will see that some of the results obtained were literally off the test scale, in that there was less than 1 in a 1000 possibility of success. Yet they succeeded. So what were these people doing differently from the norm to produce such extraordinary levels of successful living?

They Were Willing To Take An Evolutionary Step The New Thinking Man’s and Woman’s Approach to Living


Buddha said ‘You and your world are composed of your thoughts; the wise person controls their thoughts’. The people in the studies took control of their thoughts. Just as the great artist knows that through controlling the brush, the paint follows to create the masterpiece, the thinker understands that life follows thought. Therefore by skillfully controlling thought we can create our masterpiece, the life that we want. We all think and will continue to do so for the rest of our lives. Yet throughout our history few people have even thought about thinking, let alone control their thoughts. So we continue to think carelessly, on both a personal and societal level, unaware of its power and potential. In fact it is the greatest power available to us. A power we can use destructively or creatively. The evolutionary step is for a person to put in place an overseer, if you will, whose job it is to control thought and therefore is called ‘The Thinker®’.

The Scientific Breakthrough that Empowers Ideas and Goals

In any one day countless thoughts go through our minds. I discovered that those we give the most attention to are the more likely to happen, good or bad. We all have thoughts of the success and achievements we would like to have. However, when we think about these successes, often thoughts of failure, shortcomings, obstacles, fears, the opinion of others, etc. also arise to sabotage us. Indeed, such thoughts may even discourage us from trying – recession for example. So many people today, as they voice their thoughts of doom and gloom, of how things are only going to get worse, are right because their thinking will make it so. Yet the greatest achievements all begin from thought. Therefore, what is necessary is to be able to focus on the thoughts of what you want, to the exclusion of the opposing negative thoughts. Whatever you focus on will grow. It was while carrying out a study with the university, into the possibility of pain-free surgery without the use of any anaesthetic, that I made the breakthrough.

I was trying to get the people concerned to focus all of their attention on thoughts of pain-free and not painful. This was achieved because of the breakthrough and the operations were a complete success. (See page 4).

Unconscious Attention®
You may be aware that the mind consists of the conscious, and unconscious or deeper mind. To get the results I discovered one needed the attention of not just the conscious but also the unconscious. In the course of this study I learned how to harness the attention of the unconscious. This breakthrough has become known as Unconscious Attention®.

I was awarded a Master of Science degree for original research in this area. For the research to qualify it must add to the sum of human knowledge on the subject. Unconscious Attention® empowered the chosen thoughts of the people in the studies and this enabled them to achieve the life, goals and results they wanted. I believe if you were also willing to take this evolutionary step of becoming The Thinker®, it would be the breakthrough of your life.


Educo®, a Latin word, means to draw out. From the thoughts in our minds we draw out the thoughts we wish to form us and our lives and apply Unconscious Attention® to them. Rather like the good gardener who rejects the weeds (bad thoughts) and gives attention to the flowers and fruits, so that they grow in abundance. For example, if we take America of 150 years ago, it was largely a wilderness. Contrast that with today’s New York or Los Angeles. People drew out the thoughts selectively from within which created all this. Or take the Wright brothers who gave us flight. They focused their attention on thoughts of flight, not on failure and so found the way. This selective thinking is the basis of all achievement, progress and success. The superachievers ignore the naysayers, circumstances, their surroundings, the past etc. They conceive of an idea/goal, composed of thoughts, then they give it all of their attention. This empowers the goal, which in turn empowers the person.

How Empowered Goals Form the New You

This now power-filled goal gives them the energy to succeed. The superachievers can Educo®, draw out from their goal some, or even all, of the following: certainty – inspiration – enthusiasm – ability to influence others – purpose – passion – energy – courage – motivation – power – confidence – drive – leadership – fame – abundance. These empowered goals took America from smoke signals to the mobile phone, TV, computer and Internet; from log cabins to skyscrapers, from dusty trails to six-lane superhighways, from covered wagons to cars, planes, satellites, space travel etc., etc. Imagine if we could take a person from 150 years ago and put them in the centre of one of these great cities, would they survive the shock? Yet all of this came from the thoughts the people selected and cultivated with the most attention. Unconscious Attention® will enable you to empower your ideas and goals. Then you can Educo® what you need to succeed from them and become the new you in the process.

What Do You Want?

So, what are your main goals in life? More happiness, better relationships, giving a better life to others, financial freedom, fame, succeeding at the business of living, making the world a better place? Consider that using the approach outlined empowered the seminar participants so powerfully to achieve their goals that, after three years they were off the test graph normally used to track such studies. Naturally it followed that after the three years their satisfaction with life had also risen dramatically. So what do you want? How you are thinking right now is creating your life. The more attention you give to your thoughts the more they take form. Life is not just happening to you, it is responding to your thoughts. The greatest mistake of humanity is allowing uncontrolled negative thought to form our personal and global lives. Are you making this mistake? Surely, since your thoughts are your input into the creation of your reality, you should be selecting the very best. As the good gardener you sow the seeds/thoughts of what you want and water them with attention. In this way you can create and move into a world that contains everything that you want. You can become a new you, living in a new world. For this to happen you must become The Thinker® and exercise choice. Then you apply Unconscious Attention® to the thoughts you want to grow, to form you and your life.

About Educo Formative Learning

Based on cutting edge research and real life studies which show that your learnings play a far greater role than your thinking in forming you and your life. In fact, your learnings can mainly be considered the source. Therefore, if you want to change you or your life for the better you make the changes at the source – the Learnings. You learn and so imprint on your mind the new results and outcomes you want.

This may be success, wealth, happiness, self-confidence, great relationships, future security, winning in business and lifestyle changes etc.

For example, if you learn and imprint success, then you begin to think, act and live from your template of success. This in turn tends to form success. The dictionary defines ‘template’ as a pattern that functions as a guide to the form of something being made.

This reverses both your approach to living and your way of thinking

Rene Descartes (17th century) called the father of modern Philosophy, referring to his existence said ‘I think therefore I am’. However, this also sums up the approach most people still use. They try to improve themselves and their lives by thinking. Everything changes once we reverse this approach which then becomes

‘I am therefore I think’. This is to think, act and live from a template

You make the change you want within the source. Then you draw out from the source. The word ‘Educo’ comes from Latin and means to ‘draw out’.


People talk about turning
their lives around.

• As you can see that is exactly the approach needed to take your living to the next level.
• In addition, this would also enable you to truly help others to have a better quality of life – your children, friends, loved ones, business associates, etc.
• Reading this could be your turning point.

Formative Learnings = The Template
Within the Formative Learnings of your mind are stored all the learnings both good and bad from your past, your education, impressions, experiences, beliefs, values, influences from your culture, parents, teachers, peers, media, your past conditioning – particularly the learnings you received as a young child. Your learnings cause your thoughts, attitudes, feelings, moods, reactions, actions, and decisions.

These learnings are the template, the pattern that largely forms how you are as a person and ultimately your life.

Harness the Source
Is your present template giving you the results and life that you want? Remember, it impacts and influences every second of you and your life. Now you can learn how to make the changes you want to that template. Can you begin to comprehend the possibilities this opens up to you? You can harness possibly your greatest asset, the source that continually forms you and your quality of life.

The Scientific Discovery that makes for Deeper Learnings
One of the crucial areas which makes Educo® uniquely different from other approaches, is the discovery and use of what has become known as Unconscious Attention®. My lifelong interest, and in particular my specialised field of study for the last twenty years, has been the area of how our learnings control our personal and global lives. Ultimately, my goal was to find ways to gain access to the source, so as to enable us to imprint the learnings we wanted.

Some years ago I carried out a study with the University of East London into the possibility of pain-free surgical operations without anaesthetic. I was trying to find the way to imprint as deeply as possible the learning that the four people involved would feel no pain during or after their operations.

In the process I made the breakthrough that became known as Unconscious Attention®, which allowed deeper imprinting than before. Consequently, the operations were a complete success (see page 8 for more details). I was awarded a Master of Science degree for original research in this area. For the research to qualify as original it must add to the sum of human knowledge on the subject.

How You Reverse Your Approach to Living and Thinking
You reverse your approach by starting with the end outcome that you want. That is, you take your goal, success, results that you want and imagine that they have already happened, exactly as you wanted. That is your outcome. Then, using unconscious attention®, you learn and imprint the outcome.

The key factor is that the learning must be deeply imprinted on your Source as if it had already happened. Then, when the person looks inside their mind, the successful accomplishment, the final result, must stand out so powerfully as to completely overshadow any negative oppositional learnings. The person is then carried along on the tide of, and thinks and acts from, their learned imprints. Without unconscious attention® none of what you are reading would be possible. It makes imprinting and learning at a deeper level more certain.

Change your Past, Present and Future
The first foundational step in Educo Formative Learning® is to change your past for the better. When you consider the deciding influence your past learnings have on each moment of your daily life then it becomes vital to ensure that this influence is positive and supportive. To do this you pick out all your best learnings from your past and using unconscious attention you imprint them deeper so that they make a greater impression. For example, good memories of happiness, success, achievements, relationships, blessings, confidence, love, etc. This should be done so that when you look inside your mind these good learnings stand out boldly, completely overshadowing any negative ones. In just a few hours you can change your formative learnings and turn them into a greater asset.

Now you are empowered by this continuous positivity streaming effortlessly from your new template. You look inside your mind and you feel good, are happy, supported and encouraged by what you see. It’s what so many people want and never attain. Your renewed mind, now overflowing with the best of your past, has a transforming effect on you, your present, the people around you, and in turn your future.

Obviously if you were to draw out from the ‘I am’ source in the second part of each of the examples above, your thinking and action would soon form a wonderful life. You need to see this very clearly: your thinking coming from your mind is influencing and forming you and your life every second. Now for the first time ever you can learn how to take control of the imprinting process, empowering you with greater control over your life than before.

An Amazing Feat
Are you a happy person? What is your answer? To answer you performed an amazing feat. You looked into your mind, searched through a lifetime of formative learnings, weighed them all up and whatever stood out to you the most was your ‘I am…’ answer.

According to research, much (as high as 80% to 95%, some maintain) of who we are and our lives is decided, influenced and formed by what is stored in our formative learnings. Astonishingly therefore, we may be experiencing only 20% or less of what is actually happening in our lives on a moment-to-moment basis. The rest of the experience is provided by our learnings.

For example, if we were to put the ‘I am unhappy’ person on the perfect beach, they would be unlikely to be able to enjoy the experience.

The Tide
Think of your formative learnings as a tide that impacts on every second of you and your life. The tide can be positive or negative. If it is a negative tide then your whole life will be a struggle. You could even drown. However, if the tide is positive then you can be carried to almost effortless success. As the saying goes ‘When your ship comes in!’ For example, if your answer to the happiness question was, ‘I am a very happy person’, obviously then it would be effortless to be happy. How much more effort would it require for you to be confident, positive, relate well to people, be popular and be successful? Most likely very little.

The ‘I am’ and its learnings are the source, the template from which you and your life are formed. If we go back to Descartes’ ‘I think therefore I am’, we can think: ‘I want to be happy’, ‘I want to be rich’, but unfortunately thinking is too weak to turn the tide. To reverse this approach and have the tide with you, the change must be made within the template (the ‘I am’ learnings). This becomes crystal clear if you consider that you may be pitting as little as the 5% to 20% of thoughts against a relentless, vastly more powerful, negative tide. Now, using Educo® gives you greater control of the tide.

Learnings are not stored logically
Your formative learnings are not stored logically. For example, if you had nine very good experiences and one very bad, it is possible that the bad experience could make such an impression/imprint on you that it completely overshadows the good learnings. Now the bad learning has the most influence on you and your life. This could hold equally true for a good learning. The deeper the imprint/learning, the greater the influence from the template.

Mining New Goals from Your Unlimited Source
Now, using the ‘I am’ approach, you are ready to take you and your life to the next level. You decide on the new goals, success and end outcomes that you want. Then you use unconscious attention to learn and imprint them. Remember, having taken the first step you are already supported by a strong tide of positivity from your past, therefore it’s not so far to the next level. Say your new goal is success in your business. Then you imprint that vision, the end outcome, exactly as you want it.

Now you are working and thinking from your new template of success. This will carry, inspire and motivate you. You will be filled with enthusiasm, energy and passion which enables you to influence outcomes, others and life. Discover the life-changing difference between ‘thinking towards’, (as in: ‘I want to succeed’), where your own mind is in opposition – and ‘thinking from’, where your mind is set for success and doing most of the work for you.

The Secret of the Superachievers
The superachievers are those who stand head and shoulders above everyone else. They are the most successful, the richest and the most spiritual who ever lived. They are the inventors, the philosophers, the history changers and those who formed our world. They all used the ‘I am’ approach. Indeed, Jesus actually outlines it very clearly in the Gospels, as also does Buddha in his teachings. Let me tell you the great secret of the superachievers.

What all these superachievers have in common is that they are filled with a ‘vision’, that they see a big goal. They become totally and passionately immersed in the goal/outcome they want. Superachievers do not even conceive of failure because all of their energy is tied up in the realisation of the goal, so much so that it becomes deeply imprinted on their source. Then they think and act from this template. Their secret is that the goal is deeply imprinted on the source and it does most of the work of achieving. The goal is the tide that carries the superachiever. This is in fact what makes them a super-achiever. The average person operates from their thoughts, which keep changing, often resulting in paralysis by analysis. Compared to a template, thoughts are much weaker. This is the vital difference.

The superachievers are in truth the pioneers of the ‘I am’ approach. My university research studies show that Unconscious Attention® can empower people with a greater possibility of imprinting the outcomes they want, therefore making the superachievers’ approach available to all.

Now you really can give a better life to others
You can give a better life to others, your children, loved ones, friends, business associates, etc. once you learn to apply this material. When anyone tells you about the happy times they had then, using Unconscious Attention®, you can imprint their experiences even deeper, in just the course of a fun conversation.

When a child, or adult, is all excited about some success, achievement, adventure or good time, lose no opportunity to imprint them because they are the learnings that form a happy person and a great life.

Just think about it. When we talk about our happy childhood, success, our great relationship or good life, what are we doing? We are looking at the happy imprints that we have stored in our minds. Indeed, when there are enough happy and successful imprints we then say that we are happy and successful people.

One of the greatest gifts a child can be given by parents, educators, etc. is the right formative learning. Truly this priceless template will continue to work, guide and empower the child for its lifetime.

You can sit down with anyone you wish and have them pick out the best of their lives. Who does not like telling others about their best times? Both of you will enjoy the process of deeper imprinting. Now you have given them a better past, present and empowered them for a better future.

Using the new way of thinking
The ‘I am’ way reverses your thinking. That is, instead of thinking towards, you think from. Throughout your day of various activities, business or social, you imprint your desired outcome before you start. If you observe what happens before you undertake an activity you will find that if you are running on a negative tide, it will throw up a negative outcome to you. This will make you feel discouraged before you start. Indeed, you may give up without even trying.

However, ideally you will have changed your past so as to have a positive tide supporting you. You will also have imprinted your new goals and outcomes, which have become part of the tide. Ultimately, the template is far more powerful and influential than thinking.

Therefore, in addition, throughout your day when you have to undertake various tasks, take a few minutes before each of them to decide on your desired end outcomes. Say you have to go for an interview. You decide on the outcome you want. Then using unconscious attention you imprint it on your source. Now you are thinking and acting from your very definite template.

Read the university research studies on the next page to see how the ‘I am’ approach to thinking really was the difference that made the difference.

An Example
We took two groups of people, put them on the same diet, exercises and food supplements and showed them how to weight train for twelve days. To one group we said ‘Get into the best shape you can’ – the thinking towards approach. With the other group we had them imprint their ideal outcome first. Then we encouraged them to bring up that outcome before training. Therefore they thought, were motivated, and consequently trained from their template. This group achieved the best results in fat loss and muscle gain over a 12-day period of any study on record under university research conditions. Indeed, the results were so impressive that the ‘I am’ approach is now used by an international gym franchise, educogym®.

Anyone who uses this new way of thinking in their daily lives will quickly experience a transformational turn around. Once you understand the ‘I am’ approach, then you can help others imprint the outcome they want and watch the resulting reverse thinking do its magic for them.

Human Potential
In today’s world, possibly more than ever, people are turning toward the spiritual. They talk of ‘being in the now’ and self-realisation. The numerous university studies on ‘being in the now’ maintain that this deeper experiencing of life is the secret to happiness, while self-realisation is the expression of our true selves, our innate humanity.

However desirable all of this may be, can it really be the case if much (some have said 80% to 95%) of our minds are actually working against the possibility? In contrast, when we set our source to positive and learn and thereby imprint the life we want, surely then it is far easier for a happy and successful person to be in the now, to savour, appreciate and enjoy life. Equally, the happy person with the continuous positive tide from their source is surely also going to find it easier to express themselves and their humanity – both of which are the results of positive overflowing. Educo Formative Learning® and Unconscious Attention® offer a quantum leap to those concerned with these areas of human potential.

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Tony Quinn is the Originator of Educo.