Tony Quinn Seminar Content

Tony Quinn on behalf of Human Potential Research Ltd. presents:
The Educo The Thinker® Seminar.


• The Thinker®: drawing out the Super You.
• Unconscious Attention® – The Science that makes it possible.
• Change your past, present and future for the better.
• The new way of thinking.
• The Thinker® and the Secret to Happiness.
• How to be the person and have the life that you want.
• Applying Unconscious Attention® to business, lifestyle, goals, success, wealth, health, relationships, sports, confidence, etc.
• Helping others achieve successful lives: family, children, friends, associates, etc.

• Business/Business Owners can use the Educo® approach with themselves, their staff, associates and businesses for success.
• How to do your job better using Unconscious Attention®.
• Achieving Business Goals.
• The Secret of all Success and Super Achievers.
• Presentations, Interviews and Influencing People.
• Communication Skills.
• Ultimate Business Relationships.
• Public Speaking.
• Professional Selling using Unconscious Attention®.
• Advertising.
• Copywriting.
• Financial Freedom.

• The Art of Living.
• The Purpose of Life.
• Children: Giving your child a better life.
• Ideal Relationships.
• Education – the True Meaning, Purpose and Possibilities.

• Applying Unconscious Attention® in Sport.
• Sports Nutrition.
• Natural Nutrition for you and your family. The diet that human beings have been on for over 99% of their existence.
• What are the Best Food Supplements? (After a lifetime of experience in the field).
• Achieving Greater Levels of Energy, Health and Wellbeing by reducing Mental and Physical Stress.
• Body Sculpture: Getting into your best shape ever based on the EducoGym® University Research program.

• Self-Realisation.
• Living in the Now.
• Union with Life.
• Educo® Relaxation to increase Ki Energy and to draw out Self- and Spiritual expression (see Dr. Bob Page 6 of pdf brchure download).
• Meditation.
• Holistic Living.
• Pioneering the New Human Being.
• Pioneering the New World.

• From Business to Running a Country, to Increased Productivity, for Education, Medicine, Human Potential, etc.
• The Thinker® Model.
• The Social Model vs. The Energy Model.
• The New World Model.


Tony Quinn is the Originator of the Educo Formative Learning Educational System.