Tony Quinn Research: Fat-Loss Study

Can Formative Learning Help You Get into Better Shape?

Tony Quinn Research: Body Sculpture – The Study That Became A Franchise!

This study centered on whether the mind could help a person get into better shape. It took place over a twelve-day period and the results are being hailed as groundbreaking because they show the role the mind can play. There were 60 people involved in the study. The experimental group consisted of 30 people, an entire seminar. The control group came from people who had not attended a seminar.

Both groups used a similar weight training programme, diet and food supplements. The only difference was that the seminar group was given a formative learning outcome for fat loss. While the control group achieved above average results by normal standards, the people in the seminar group were literally trans-formed in just 12 days. The average result of the seminar group was a 3 pound gain in lean muscle and a 7.5 pound loss of fat. People weight trained for 20 minutes daily, a total of just 4 hours over a 12-day period.

Normally the fate of such a study would be to lie on a shelf somewhere gathering dust. In this case the results were so exceptional that they gave birth to what has become educogym®. This is now an international gym franchise.

Photo right: Tony Quinn Winning Mr. Ireland. He won 12 titles including Mr. Health Culture, Ireland’s Best Physique and All-Ireland Mr. Health and Strength.