Tony Quinn Seminar – Dr Bob Delmonteque

Pioneer of the Anti-Ageing Movement.
Dr. Bob Delmonteque in His 90s Reveals His No.1 Secret.

Bob, a Naturopathic Doctor from California, felt at 65 that he was going downhill and wondered what he could do. He had spent a lifetime in the field of health and decided that he would make use of all that he had learned and try to grow younger as he grew older and therefore defy the ageing process.

Then if he succeeded he would make the secrets available to everyone. In pictures of him at 65 and then 77 the difference was remarkable! Bob and Tony Quinn met in 1995 and working together they produced two DVDs entitled, ‘Secrets to Lifelong Fitness’. When Tony approached Bob with the possibility that going on a seminar could be the next step Bob agreed.

Direct from Dr. Bob
“If you could take all of my secrets and I could avail of only one then it would have to be using more of the mind. It comes closer to being THE answer than anything else I’ve discovered.

When I was exposed to a Tony Quinn Seminar, which I believe to be one of the best-kept secrets in our world, I realised that I was already using much of what he was teaching.

I already had my big goal and the passion. Tony taught me to relax deeper than ever before and to use what he calls Unconscious Attention® and then play my anti-ageing formative learning programme we designed”.

My Greatest Rejuvenation And Health Secret
During my programme, all mental effort just fell away, freeing me. I felt every cell in my body being cleared, then activated and filled with energy. This was the first time I ever experienced the freeing up of my own energy. It was like being reborn. A tremendous feeling came over me of how energized I felt. I was experiencing energy and life force like never before. Tony calls his system ‘Educo’ (to draw out). That’s exactly what I was able to do, draw out my life-energy from within and activate all of my cells with it [see Educo® Relaxation section of syllabus on back page].

People carry around all that mental negativity – from their past. Now I tell people to deeper imprint their positive past. Then, like me, you will say ‘I am full of life’. Learning to use more of my mind has given me greater control than ever before over my body, energy and health. In all my years in the gym business, as part owner of 500 gyms, no one ever gave much thought to the mind when it came to getting into shape. I am so impressed by this new approach to living that I rewrote my best-selling book to include it.