Tony Quinn Seminar: Belize Natural Energy


It has been well-publicised that Tony Quinn enjoys extraordinary business success. However, what is uniquely different is that his approach can be used successfully by others. There are many business approaches on offer, often by very successful people, but have they ever been put to the test and used by others, under university research conditions?

To date Tony has had an input at various levels into a few hundred businesses. Some of the main ones are Belize Natural Energy Ltd. and International Natural Energy LLC (oil companies), XJet LLC (an aviation company), Human Potential Research Ltd., educogym® franchise, Tony Quinn Health Centres Ltd., The Irish Association of Holistic Medicine, The Irish Health Culture Association and the Irish Yoga Group.

Pictured: Susan Morrice, Chairperson of BNE and INE  (top left) with members of staff.


Belize Natural Energy Ltd.

It is everyone’s dream to make a positive difference in the world. This is exactly what happened for a group of people who came to the seminars. They made a difference to a whole country. Belize (formerly British Honduras) is an English-speaking country in Central America, roughly the size of Wales, with a population of around 297,000.

The background to this story is that 50 oil companies over a period of 50 years had searched for oil in Belize, at a cost of $450 million, and failed. In 1984, Susan Morrice, an Irish-American geologist, went to Belize to find oil. $5 million later, (a serious amount of money then), it all ended, with no results. In 1988 she met Mike Usher, a Belizean. Mike believed that there was oil in Belize and if it could be found the country would be transformed. He talked about his dream to anyone who would listen. Susan believed in Mike’s dream and over the next fifteen years they searched for oil at a cost of $12.5 million with no success. Then they attended a seminar.

Susan Morrice Takes Up the Story
After the Tony Quinn seminar we were convinced that we now had the secret to success and we founded two new companies, Belize Natural Energy Ltd. (BNE) and its parent company International Natural Energy  LLC (INE). The only problem was that we had no money. So we began to tell the dream to people who had attended Tony’s seminars and they became investors. My husband Alex Cranberg’s company, CHx, was the only oil company to invest. This group of people and these companies formed a partnership. Tony worked with the people who were to drill giving them a formative learning programme for the goal of finding oil.

Two Needles in a Haystack
The partnership had just enough money to drill 2 dinner plate sized holes in 500,000 acres of land. Truly, two needles in a haystack. In the oil business on average you have to drill 15 wells before you strike oil. On the evening of the 24 June 2005 in the first well we struck oil. The impossible had happened, an oil strike in one. Then, amazingly, the impossible happened four more times in a row! At present we have a total of ten wells producing oil. Today, the partnership is pumping 4,300 barrels of oil per day on average, with gross revenue of approximately $88 million in 2009. An oil well could produce for as long as 25 years. BNE is now the number one revenue generator in the country.

This unheard of success and the global reputation of the company has all been possible due to the critical involvement of Tony Quinn and the Educo® Seminars.

Following are some videos downloaded from YouTube which document the incredible impact that BNE has had on Belize at every level of society.

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