‘Control all thoughts completely and create your own circumstances’

Phenomenal day yesterday, Tony was on the money with the information as always. Crystal clear info, direct, SIMPLE and usable right away. The top three thinks I took from the day: (1).”The Thinker exercises control” – Control all thoughts completely and create your own circumstances. (2). Put more energy in to get more income out! Amplify the amount you are giving and always give more that what is expected of you. (3). Seek you first the Kingdom of Heaven. Hold the vision of the life humanity can be living, then do it yourself FIRST. Now you can be an example to others.
Shane Mulvihill, Dublin


‘How to control our own thinking and How to keep our mind in balance’
The Educo 1 Day Seminar in the Helix was without a doubt the best todate. Again Tony broke new ground, teaching us the steps necessary for our evolutation as human beings – The Thinker, bringing the best of us forward, to help ALL lead better lives and create a better world.

The information he gave us on the day is fundemental, practical and can be used by anyone who is interested in having a happy, healthy and successful life. Immediately we started to share it with family, friends and use it in our business.

The topics covered like ‘ How to control our own thinking and How to keep our mind in balance’ having it work in our favour and not against us!!! That from a positive outlook and frame of reference we become more productive and creative, this is so valuable. The Answer for anyone in business and those with children to give them resources they can draw on to use and do well in any area their interested in.

For us one of the most important things of all, is to have what Tony described as The Vision, that we can and do make a difference. That each one of us is needed to help create a better world starting with our own world and then simply share these steps with everyone.

We have been attending these I day educo meetings twice a year for the last 13 years approx, without charge, in our book it says so much about the man. Tony continues to give his time freely to share and teach us the material as it evolves, always reminding us of our potential as people and the possibilites we have.
Noreen & Ed Wall, Dublin.