‘The Greatest Thinker of our Modern World, a great teacher…’

In your brilliant seminar last Sunday Tony, you presented insights to life in an incredibly deep and meaningful way. You showed us all the EASY WAY to create the future that we desire by learning to control our thoughts. Our thoughts are always at work, sometimes creating for us but so often holding us back, and you have shown us the EASY WAY to tip the balance in our favour. You really are the Greatest Thinker of our Modern World, a great teacher and clear example for us to learn from.
Michael Dillon, Melbourne, Australia. 


I would like to express my gratitude for the wonderful Educo day at the Helix. These days with Tony always leave me with a great sense of wellbeing. Learning how to do better in every aspect of my life is such invaluable information. Learning to focus on the good in life and in people makes me realize how much good there is in the world and gives me great hope for the future.
Plunkett Cromwell.