‘You are undoubtedly The Greatest ‘Thinker’ in the world today’

Thank you for a most wonderful continued education day yesterday at the Helix in Dublin. It is such great backup to help all who have completed your seminars to put the Educo System into action. Educo has totally transformed my life. I recognise you Tony simply as a master at using your mind and you are helping us all have the same skills and ability to design our own worlds by teaching us to THINK PROPERLY. You are undoubtedly The Greatest ‘Thinker’ in the world today.
Margaret Donovan. Drimoleague, Cork. 


What an inspirational day it was yesterday! Tony once again reminded me of my incredible ability to create anything I want in my life by just controlling my thoughts. I had not realized until yesterday, how negative I had been of late and with just an easy switch, I am more positive in my thoughts, more aware of the bad habits I had been letting creep back in! I went straight home last night and wrote out my goals again, with a clear mind and a plan of how to create them! I’m looking forward to a great few years ahead.
Mary O’ Sullivan. Cork.