‘Directly from the Greatest Thinker of our time, Tony Quinn’

It is wonderful to again be reminded of the tools necessary to change the balance in our minds… it was great to hear this again directly from the Greatest Thinker of our time, Tony Quinn… Knowing that we experience over 100 thoughts per second, it is a gift from Tony Quinn to know how to get off this merry-go-round of thought and ensure that it is actually me that is making the decision of what I choose to think and how I want my life to be.
Grainne O Flaherty. Ennis. Ireland. 


I would like to thank Tony very much for a fantastic day of learning how to use my mind in a way that helps myself ,my family, friends and others. The Educo system of education should be passed on to everyone in the world . It is THE FUTURE and solves all problems in the world.
Gus McCarthy. Ballincollig.