‘Circumstances follow thought, becoming ‘The Thinker’ – the painter who would create a Masterpiece’

On Sunday, I found the understanding that Circumstances follow thought, becoming The Thinker (the painter who would create a Masterpiece’ ) to be further understandings and learnings that I now intend to act from. I also found it motivating to be out of the matrix and in the atmosphere which Tony creates. Along with all this, I want my voice heard. I want people to know that Tony has thought me how to control my own mind. I want everyone to know that there was a large crowd of us in the Helix on Sunday absolutely thrilled to be listening to Tony Quinn. And there are countless who are delighted to attend the Tony Quinn Centre, Health Shops, Gyms etc. etc. and benefit from his learnings. I noticed that there were 2 protesters outside increasing to 4 or 5 when I was leaving and one lady was wearing clothes that covered her face. They seem to be making a big noise in the media and internet for their small numbers. I felt sad. I want people to know that Tony Quinn has helped me in a real way and that I am ever thankful to him for that.
Brigid Ui Chuanaigh.